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Лошадь black desertCrossing horses in the Black Desert game, horse-making, procreation and production of unique horses

Now, let's begin with the introduction of the main points that are set out in the other guides on this topic:

  • You can't say a wild horse with a unique colour;
  • There's not much to depend on the breeds of the braces and the cat. The main function of which is the quality of the horse received - the level (rang) of the parents;
  • Horses are always getting ransom.Скрещивание лошадей в Black Desert The knowledge base of the crossroads is not sufficiently large, but there are already “coustic” tables of horse crossing in Black Desert (or horse calculators, and so on) which determine how to remove a species;
  • Every horse has a sparylvania limit. The Ridge is twice, the cat is once.

Okay, let's go.

Crossing horses into Black Desert can generate sufficient income, as there is no means of movement other than ground transportation in the game, and the " living " characters take the best horses that can reach 15 million silver.

First method
Crossing horses in Black Desert

First of all, we have to go to the stable (in any city) and go to the stable (of course, first of all, the original horses, but I think it should be understood.

Скрещивание лошадей в Black DesertAfter entering the stable, we'll pick a suitable horse from the list.

In order to start evaporation, the con shall have a maximum yield rate (100% of 100%).

For starters, we're pushing the button " Exhaustion " .

The cone may be registered for personal or " general " evaporation.

  • Personal cross-section: your horse will evaporate with your cat.Скрещивание лошадей в Black Desert It's six hours to make a horse for personal evaporation.
  • " General " Crossing: you're putting your horse on sale for evaporation. If anyone wants to cross your horse with your cat, you'll get the amount of the silver that you said when you register.
    After your horse was used, you need to take it off the table. After that, you'll get the money.

In any case, a personal cross-section will have to pay (35,000 silvers). However, you will receive the rent, minus 25 per cent of the sum and the transaction tax that the owner of the region has established.

Personal cross-section

After you made a horse for personal crossroads, it will be marked with an appropriate sign in the stable.

Скрещивание лошадей в Black Desert Скрещивание лошадей в Black Desert