уход за лошадьми

Horse-Based Bottom-Up System

Two systems of contents - stable and taboo (passprobile) are used in the cone. The horses contain individual or group: workers ' horses in stales; craftsmen, tribes and workers ' cavities, ginger and top-up youths, and a young woman in the training rooms, in the dinars; young woman of all other groups and directions in the sections. To walk horses, every stable has a paddock. For working horses The building of the paldoc is not mandatory, but external connotations are needed to inspect and clean animals. In summer time, it is advisable to have horses on pastures. The end-of-life system is used mainly for tribal and working horses throughout the country.

The taboo system of contents is subdivided into: culture-boo and improved-boo. In the cultural taboo system of horses, most of the year passes on pastures by tabunas, which are homogeneous groups of age and sex: uterus, pubs, braces (individual years of birth: annuals, two-years, etc.).

During the cold period of the year, these groups have rooms, such as adult horses and young men in training, which contain child-producers equipped with day-to-days; simplified conjunctions with bases or clippings with lots, unintended youngsters, etc. This system is used on tribal and commercial farms.

With an improved taboo system, horses have tabons on pastures for a year. During the weather, there are simplified stables for 15 to 20 per cent of the farms (petrators, braces, etc.) and for the rest of the shepherds, bases or stiffs are used to produce hay stocks. This maintenance system is used on commercial farms.