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Contract For The Stability And Maintenance Of The Horse

The way to the athletes of the majority of riders and final sports begins in a procate, but in a few months or a couple of years, the unpredictable replacement of horses and trips in shifts of 10 people ceases to enjoy. Each customer of a roller coaster has a beloved horses at the stable early or later, and at this point the question of " Maybe try to rent a horse? " If a decision is made definitively and irrevocably, then by specifying all the terms of the lease, a contract must be entered into. The horse ' s lease could be based on a simple oral agreement, but it would be extremely difficult to resolve in dispute situations.

The lessor is who?

Under the Act (article 608 of the CCF), the right to lease property belongs to its owner. Landlords may also be persons who are authorized by law or the owner to lease property. Accordingly, the person with whom you conclude a horse lease must be either its owner or an authorized owner. There's nothing wrong with asking a potential landlord to submit documents confirming the right to dispose of a horse.

Health status

Sometimes, the operation of a rented horse becomes impossible due to the detection of certain diseases.

In this case, it is important to determine the timing of the horse ' s failures. Thus, if the defects were present at the time of the lease, the lessor is responsible for the horse ' s defects, even if he was not aware of those shortcomings during the contract. When such deficiencies are found, the lessee is entitled to take the following actions:

∙ Require from the lessor, either free of charge, or proportionately reduced rent, or reimbursement of its costs to correct these deficiencies;

:: Immediately retain the cost incurred by the lessee to correct these rent deficiencies by prior notification to the lessor;

∙ Demand early termination of the contract.

The parties may also agree that, instead of a horse whose defects have been identified, the lessee will be given another suitable horse. The lessor ' s liability rules mentioned above do not apply to cases where the horse ' s defects were evident in its primary examination or the lessor has construed these deficiencies in the contracting of the lease.

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