Horse Maintenance Contract

According to the rules for the issuance of sports passports of horses, FCSR is one of the documents attached to the application for the issuance of a passport, which confirms the right of ownership of a horse. Depending on the grounds on which the horse was owned by a person, the documents confirming ownership may differ.

In order to begin with, article 137 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as " the GC F " ) applies general rules on property, unless otherwise specified by law or other legal acts. Animals are subject to all rules that apply to movable property: they can be sold, bought, gifted, exchanged, inherited (including by will), etc.


Special rules for the creation of property rights apply to persons found to be homeless animals

and who took them for maintenance. In the case of such an animal (e.g., a horse whose owner is unknown) has been taken to the tabuna during the grazing, the person found must report it to the internal affairs authorities or to the local government authorities, who are involved in the search for an animal owner. During such searches, an animal may be kept with the consent of the person who found it. In the event that, within six months (such as the period of acquisition limitation) after the events in question, the owner of the animal is not detected, the person whose animal has been kept at the same time shall be entitled to his or her own right (of course, if the current owner does not object to the acquisition, otherwise the animal enters municipal property).

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