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Horses Of Heavy Cars, Their Maintenance And Construction

More than 40 journalists from the urban and district media of Vlogčina visited the Vlogodsky conjunction on 16 March, located in the village of Eurofayke Vlogodsky. A workshop entitled " Photography in the newspaper " was held for journalists at the premises of the journalists ' factory under the leadership of a photojournalist, Alexei Kolosov, and Irina Lukina, President of the FAW.
I'm a part of the event. We were pleased to meet at the factory, to get some hot tea. The Chief of the Vologode District Administration, Sergei Zestiannikov, described the significance of the end plant for the area: " There are now 175 horses, including famous Russian redheads and heavy wagons. Next year, the enterprise will be 50 years old. The final factory is indeed the pride of the Vologod region. " The main zoo technician for the condom of Alevtina Boyko, who has run the final part of the plant for more than 20 years, conducted a study on the enterprise.
We went to one of the stables where Alevtin Ivanovna told us about the conditions of the horses, explained how the names of the lotters were given after their birth. See how the Russian trail is locked up, after which all those interested, including me, took a ride with the wind. Ah, the spirit is invading! Found among us and the laughs that decided to ride up. We talked, of course, with the horses themselves, buying their sugar and carrots. The animals were almost without fear and were happy to take care of us.
The emotions of admiration and joy have been filled, but their main mission has not been forgotten by the staff of the feathers and cameras, actively photographed and consulted with the workers of the factory.
The second part of the " Photo Survey Analysis " seminar was held following the visit to the city. In general, everyone was good! The pictures came up a lot, analyzed what, learn what it was. I think everyone's got something useful and necessary for their future work. Certificates were issued to all at the end of the seminar.
The Vologian cone is the only tribe in the north-west of Russia to produce Russian redheaded horses. It is also considered to be one of the largest tribal centres for the Russian heavy transport.
The launch is a repeated winner of the All-Union and All-Russian Tribal Competitives with Heavy Duties. ♪ ♪