разведение лошадей в домашних

Horse Generation And Formation

A horse's puberty begins at the age of 1 to 2. However, in the first case, the cows are allowed not before 3 years, but by 4-5 years of age, i.e. when they reach physiological.

Evils. The hunting of the cat may occur at any time of the year, but the most sexual activity is martial. After the slaughter, the sexual hunting of a healthy pub comes on average from 8 to 10 days, and sometimes goes on from 5 to 7 days (two to 12 days). If the ship wasn't fertilized, the hunt was repeated in 20 to 23 days. The cow's hunting is detected with the help of a pilot stall.

In 8 to 10 days after the last incident(s) a probe shall be released to determine if it is fertilized. If the cat was fertilized, she beats the stallion.

In Belarus ' cone, a hand-circuit and artificial insemination are used. The hand-circuit is mainly used in the final factories. In this way, the burden on the child depends on his age, state of health and quality of sperm. In the course of the accidental campaign, the lottery over four years of age can cover 35 to 40 cobabys. The derivatives are replaced by the most valuable producers.

It is necessary to prepare the producer and uterine event effectively. By the beginning of the season, the hydration of the cat must be no lower than the average. Cheers.

1 to 1, 5 months before the start of the accidental campaign, the feeding rate of the lottery increases, protein feeds, carrots, grains, mineral additives are introduced into the diet. In the second half of the lots, the cathedrals are used only in light work, and two months before they get out of work. All braces are required to be able at least 2 hours a day.

The breadth of the heel lasts an average of 11 months (310 to 360 days). Ten to 15 days before the beach, the cat is transferred to a special day. Normal care is usually required. From 1 to 1, 5 hours after the cutting of the cobail, they give warm water and good hay. From the 6th to 7th day, she's being transferred to full diet. On the 3rd to 4th day, a baby with a cat in good weather is out for a walk. For the horses of the majority, the species is a 100-booth 80-string.

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