Общий призовой фонд

Sanct Petersburg Federation

Concours Hippique - Competitive; Francis. End sport♪ Successful participation requires long and sustained training of athletes and horses. The rider must have the courage and determination, the delicate calculation, the high art of horse management, good general physical training. The horse requires great strength, strong escape and push, high coordination of movements, the ability to maintain balance over the barrier and landing.

France is the family of corn. In the 1950s of the nineteenth century, the Paris Horse Exhibition held a first-time jump competition through a variety of obstacles, known as the " Kunku-Ippik " .

Since the second half of the nineteenth century, cigarettes have started in Belgium and Italy, since 1895 in Russia, later in Germany and America. Then the corns, as they became abridged, acclimated in the British Islands. The relevance of league competitions for cavalry and the growing interest of co-hospitists quickly led to competition in international sports.

Competitiveness has expanded, injection techniques and competition tactics have improved. The popularity of this kind of sport. As a result, in 1900, jump competitions were included in programme II of the Olympic Games in Paris.

In 1902, Russian competitors participated for the first time in international competitions in Turin. The Cornet of the Cavalergard Regiment, Alexander Rodzianko, did not well at the Turin competition, but brought to Russia the best practices of the natural school. Not for nothing. In 1910, Rosyanine's company, Bertrand won the Canadian Cup in London. In 1911, his compatriots rewarded King George V's Cup, and for the splendid victorys of 1912, 1913 and 1914, Russian competitors received forever King Edward VII's golden Cup.

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