Barrier In Conjunction

Walking at Petropavlovki. There's a lot of people walking under bridges, interested in them, bridges, bottoms.

Some, crazy, pass through the collar ice after the ice cream, which sort of shifts. It's like an underground transition on the corner of Nevsky and Sadova.

But when my family was drinking with three kids, I was in a hurry.

They're all sneezing. Especially when it's funny and clumsy with no airbag, it's clearly designed for water traffic. Seeing all the forces abandoned on fishermen.

When we're talking about Nevian ice, we'll look at history.

Petersburg, since the mid-19th century, has allowed its obituaries to enjoy the winter's extraordinary sight-out runs on the ice of the dead Nev. In fact, it was the first hip. The animal collected a mass of the people, the prizes and gambling.

The races went unsympathetic: the rats fled into heavy run-offs in Russian hides and the riders were dressed in knights, but also by the competition organization itself. The fishermen were released on their own, the winner was determined by the best cutting.

In addition, not only sprays were allowed to compete, but also the horses of other species; the distances to which horses fled were different. For example, 30 versts escaped. The horse, for example, the Lord of Prince A.I. Obolenski, ended this huge distance in 15 minutes and the viewers waited for an hour with four. The tests were carried out in other ways. For example, when the cargo is carried in 200 puds.

Here's the impressions of the French writer, Teofil Gothier Zima, 1858 of whom lived in Russia:
"Today running to Neve. Let's not waste a chance to find out what a northern sport is like with his furious, special and weird. There are at least turbulent passions in here than English or French sports competitions.

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