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A very detailed summary of the
how to write SEO-Text

How do you collect semantics? How to blog? What are the keys? How organic to put them in the text, and why do you need it? Let's go.

Chapter one: in which we (by tradition) define terminology
Why do we almost always start articles with the " burning " of terms if all of us are readers and not the skies themselves? Individual communications and detailed discussions in the commentaries on different resources show not all. Many “something that has ever been heard”, but they certainly won't, so the terminology part is only a plus.
For all others, our (often practical) view of common terms will help to determine the level of SEO-Management and creative dehydration. It's also good.
This article is more intended for copyrights who first encountered SEO-thematics, and they don't quite understand where to begin. Or for the proud and independent owners of their own Internet resources planning to move on their own.
So, the keywords are requests by which people seek the services/products they need. They need to be literate into the text so that Google, Yandex and all the other searches of the world can energize your website. Simply put, to what category, with the keyboards, he's been taken to, you'll be in this search.
Everything works automatically, only on the top 10 Google and the accessories go: the most sophisticated sites in competitive niche check real people, knowing how useful the site is and whether it deserves to be in its place.
The semantic nucleus is a combination of all key words relevant to the subject of your website, which is located from the " popular " keys to " possible but not necessarily " . The number of keys depends on the subject, i.e. on which request it relates.
PM (high frequency) or NF (low frequency). High-frequency, as intuitively understandable, are requests that are very and very often sought. Accordingly, it is a business with a large number of competitors.
I mean, websites that need to pass.
At this very moment, every person involved in the promotion must build a logical chain of mind on what I can personally do to achieve good results?
Copyrighter (and we insist) should seriously consider the quality of his texts, SEOchnik, whether the keys, the references to be purchased, the software player, how convenient the interface is, and so on. Responsibility lies with each link of one big chain, but unfortunately, personal experience shows that the most commonly on the websites is the text. Their authors did not have the wrong assignment, nor did they have any friends with the first class grammar.
SEO is changing, content in general, and its text component in particular is becoming increasingly important.
You can't turn around.
Now it's time for real fun. And it's called a keyword classification.
Five species are most commonly used (there are others, but we see no point in talking about them). We'll meet each one closer.
That's the exact entry, and that's the moment the name speaks for itself. The exact entry implies that the word " key " will be spelled out in the text without any modification. For example, " architect ' s services " in the text will not be inclined, transported, separated by commas or interdotes. If it is important for you to have a sound text, in setting the task of the copyright, it is desirable not to give the key to the " fast horses of Minsk " , demanding that this key be used as " accurate entry " . He won't play with you, and it'll sound like "stul, horse, alcohol."
Direct entry: These are keywords/conditions that can be separated by prepinning signs. Blonde, injecting interdometry is still NELZE, but a talented copirate will be able to turn the phrase so that it can be readable and beautiful. For example, " Full progress is under way. Contest competition Sports where the best fastest horses are gathered; Minsk may not have seen this level show in a long time.”
Diluted entry: It is understood that, in addition to the symbols of preference, key words can be divided by interdiction and other words. However, slope cannot continue. For example, "the fastest horses loved Minsk. These days in town... ”
Morphological entry: the sweetest term for the copirate. They can be done with practically everything that the soul wants: slope, dilute the sign of preference, interdometry, the main thing that keeps them in line with the basic thought of the text.
Synonymic entry: and again, the name suggests that part of the key word can be changed. For example, not to buy a fast horse, but to take care. Synonymous entry is secondary keys, and more use is made by those who want to change the text and how it should be frustrated.
Chapter two: in which we will phase out how to use terminology in practice
The semantic nucleus is mainly the SEO. Later, copirate.
That's understandable and indisputable. He is assisted by many useful programmes: Key Collector, Google AdWords, Yandex Wordstat, Serpstat (former prodvigator) et cetera. It is rare to meet a philosopheric philosopher, but the literateness of such a staff member must still be: at a minimum, to correctly articulate the original key. It will then be possible to bleach: to seek re-formulation (and therefore to disperse) to collect data on them, to re- clean up the inappropriate keys (e.g., for the commercial site, the key will not contain the word " free " ) to explore competitors manually (which often helps better information from automatic generators).
The semantic nucleus is as important as collateral for quality traffic, which is being converted to users and buyers. Everything seems simple and understandable, but very often the rightly collected semantics are killed by inaccurate texts.
Too many keys, or vice versa. The brown keys that ruin everything from reading, if you didn't pay attention to the texts... It's time to change.
Ten years ago, "wrapping in more keys = success" would work, but now 60 per cent of visitors read your text. And 30% of them are diagonal, but "con, table, alcohol" will notice, and that will make every wish to cooperate with you. And search systems with this case are also on knives. For example, a few days ago, Yandex denounced an updated algorithm, Baden Baden, which will actively combat redesigned sites.
Who should be afraid of such innovation?
In fact, it's only unprofessional who's trying to put all the keys into the text.
It looks creepy. Like this:
" SEO-Text is a mandatory component of site search. These outlets are used on the SEO Rusey, search and retrieval of the site. Do you wonder how to write a little SEO-text? The text of the SEO is very simple - it is sufficient to refer to a specialist in the writing of SEO-Texts in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities in Russia. The text of the SEO, which you need to write, should have two important features, it should be the text and it should be SEO... "

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