Horse Generation In 1900G

Хреновское сельское поселение Бобровского района Воронежской областиThe village of the Krenno-Bobrovsky District, the administrative centre of the Krenov village settlement, is located 16 kilometres from Bobrov. From the north, he's covered by the mighty Hrena Bour, the pearls of the land of Hrenovsky, and on the other hand, the staps have been scattered.

The history of the village of the Dark Historic tends to relate to the end of the 17th to the beginning of the 18th century. In the 16th century, the territory surrounded by Voronez was very active. Among the new settlers, there were many escaped peasants who considered the free margins of the State to be the safest for resettlement.

The ethmology of the name of the village is not clear, the most popular version is very trivial: there's a lot of wild shit on the ground, which has not been overlooked by the first settlers.

On the eve of the centuries, Piotr I is beginning to build a military fleet in the province of Croatia, which has already meant an increase in the population on the basis of the construction of peasants and visitors. In turn, on the Bitug River propelling Bobrov's territory, logging began. Some professionals are inclined to believe that the emergence of the village is linked to these events.

In 1758-60, another audit was carried out in Hrenou, from which we learned that there were 322 singles, 59 crates and 28 local farmers in the village. There were at least 800 people living here.

Up to the last quarter of the 18th century, there was no remarkable sign of the Dark One. In 1775, the Emperor of Ekaterina II, Count Alexei Orlov, for the victory of the Chesmian battle, was granted, inter alia, to the eternal use of land and name in the south of Russia. Among those lands, there was the village of Hensky.

And that's where the story begins, you can say, the local brand of the Krenov Cone, known as the fact that it was in its territory that the most famous Russian frost, the Orlovian rysac, was removed.

Alexei Grigorievich Orlov himself was not only a great politician and a leader, but he was a great rider, and he was always interested in horses, and he was passionately fond of the riding. And he's already had a subtle conestion at the time of the events described. However, its location was not the best place to develop. Poisonous horses♪ Therefore, in 1778, the Count is transferring this conestion to the Chrensky. Owing to the relocation of many families, the number of inhabitants of the settlement had increased by several thousand.

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