Бегущая лошадь, оригинал

Running Horse

Having heard the word “Danishifting”, Hope laughs and shakes shoulders. Yeah, less money. Yes, coneducation in Russia is not profitable. On the contrary, it requires cash flows. "Just in the Caucasus, I found my home and my family," said by a girl.

Nadia picks us up in the fiveigorsk and drives us to his Siver Highway at the Novoterski settlement for Minds. In the car, we listen to the GS, "Come to drink water." The dynamics say, "Stop following me, I can hardly come back. You'll be in Moscow, be careful talking about holy... Hope smiles: " Now I have a period of Grebencikov " .

The stable is based in a room that once belonged to the famous Tera Cone. It was here that the Ridge of Asuan, gifted by Nikita Kruchev to thank the USSR for its participation in the construction of the Asuan dam in Egypt, was held.

Nadi and her coroner friends have a team, Family Horse. These are several connoisseur bases located in Moscow, Cabardino Balcaría and Novotersk, where about 50 horses are currently being held.

Dmitri Sibgatulin's team leader and Egorov's Hope are close friends. Meet Caracaivo-Cherkesia: Nadia was taking the final tour, and Dmitri came by a tourist. Then the girl taught him to ride up.

In Novotersk, where we arrived, friends train horses. Arab species Running long marathons, up to 160 kilometres across the border. Here, there are horses that are involved in races and show-heads grown for conquered beauty competitions.

“In Moscow, I am tired of people”

♪ I moved to Caucasus four years ago. First to a friend, Ahmed Mahow, a small Shordakovo village in Cabardino Balkaria. Ahmed is a coneser and, in my view, the best rider in Russia on remote terminal runs. We worked together to feed, clean and train horses. I've lived in Shordakovo for almost two years. And now I go back there with love in my heart. I remember, in Moscow, I was tired of people-- I wanted silence. The locals spoke in the Cabardin, and I didn't understand anything.laughing.) Imagine, you're going in the route, you're driving someone in the car or you're in the community of conniversaries of Cabardinians (100% of men's society) and you're talking about voices in a strange language. There's no point. It just feels like a sound. You're off and you're going to meditate. About a year later, I started to understand a little language, more intuitive.