Рис.1 Скелет лошади

Horse Display

At the same time, the sherb of the province ' s capital will change until 2030


According to the press centre of the Government of Altai, it is planned that the element of obedience of the Thom Gubertia will be removed from the sheb of the regional capital.

"Barnaul's element is planned to maintain a rolling horse, but in order to exclude the upper part of the sherb as a gubernine, the split into two parts is removed. All the elements of the sherb are thus placed on a single shield. By 2030, a transitional period for the use of herbs had been established, and the Government of the province had clarified it.

In turn, the Governor commented on the previous day on the evidence that the Barnaul authorities allegedly wanted to remove the image of the horse as the main element connecting the city with the Thom Governor.

"We can remove some symbols from the sherb, but the historical link cannot be rejected in such a way, and we must not abandon the historical truth. Someone thinks the picture of a horse on the city's sherb is not selfish. I disagree. I treat this animal with great respect, and I have noted the head of the region.

As far as the sherb of the province is concerned, Alexander Carlyn said, "We don't have a horse on the edge, but everything there is, I'm quite comfortable. I don't have any intentions to screw up the sherb, I really like him."

Let us recall that the Barnaul Herb consists of two parts. Upstairs contain the main element of the Herb of the Thom Gubberia, a white rolling horse on a green background, symbolizing the main traction and transport force in the mining and agricultural sectors of the country. The blue background is the image of the liver, which symbolizes silver production.