Содержание лошадей в конюшне в

Veterinary Rules For Horses In The Mouth

Veterinary rules for the movement of sports horses in Russia.

The portable horses are horses with a sports horse ' s passport issued by FCSR, as well as ginger, carcass and semi-blooded horses holding the passport of the All-Russian Research Institute for Conestection (WNIC).1. The transport of healthy sports horses from farms and administrative territories free of communicable diseases of animals is permitted in the Russian Federation, including:

encephalomites of all types
- in the last six months in the administrative territory
- vescular dental and sap.
- for the past six months in the area
- Case sickness
- in the last six months in the administrative territory
- flu, rinopneumonia, infectious anaemia
Over the past three months on the property of the host country.

2. Sporting horses should be vaccinated before shipment: during the past six months, horse influenza, not more than 12 months against the Siberia ulcer and dermatofiosis (except where the vaccine application instructions do not otherwise provide); sapp, INAN and a negative result. Research takes place at a six-month interval.

3. Due to the specificity of horse use Sportsdue to the calendar of events, horses participating in them are not quarantine before and after the competition. Except when this is due to a change in the epiotic situation.

4. Sporting horses should always be accompanied by an active passport of a sports horse or a VNIC passport, recording current vaccinations and laboratory studies, certified signatures and a veterinary doctor ' s print.

5. Specialized vehicles for the carriage of sports horses shall be cleaned and disinfected.

6. The fulfilment of the conditions specified in these requirements shall be fully confirmed by veterinary documents (the certificate, laboratory examinations) signed by the State veterinary doctor, indicating the dates of diagnosis and vaccination.

7. In permanent places, sports horses should be under the control of the territorial State veterinary service.

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