Ахалтекинская порода


Like the horses of other nomads, sarmat horses were stunned animals capable of surviving on a mere pasture that inevitably killed European horses. The Romans liked the horses received from the alans during the Proba Emperor (276-282). These horses weren't particularly beautiful or tall. But they could have traveled 100 kilometers a day or more, for one or two weeks. The Sarmat army has covered enormous distances in the shortest possible time, unthinkable for civilized armies. They used to take back horses with them on their way. Ammonia shows that every nomad had one or two spare horses.

Sarmats wanted the stalls. Starbon notes: " This is a feature of skeefs and sarmats. They must cast their horses so they can be more obedient. Although their horses are small, they are unusually mobile and difficult to manage. " According to archaeologists, most sarmat horses had only 13 to 14 palms in the hall. Sciffs had the most breeding horses in a 15-legged pool. To date, Akhalkenti is being divorced in Russia horse breedwhich has the basis of the breed, divorced by step-by-step nomads.

Unfortunately for us, the sarmats didn't have a habit of burying with his horse warrior, so we have a very small number of horse skeletons. Often, sarmatians used more grown horses. Indeed, a heavy horse requires stronger animals. And these sarmats were removed by seizures from Midia and Parfia. But in general, sarmat horses remained low. At least the Roman authors have no sign of sarmat growth, although they are constantly admiring for extinction. The horses of the rocksolas that were portrayed on the Trojan column do not surpass the images of the Roman pony.

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