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Business Plan For The Formation Of Horses On Meat

Как открыть конефермуInvestments: months

Horses for meat

The condom is a breeding industry, whose very essence is the formation of horses.

The project provides for the establishment of a 150-head terminal farm for meat. It has been assumed that the land area under the farm is owned by the Project Initiator and that construction will be carried out from the Nula.

What are the species most suitable for this business idea? They're breeds in close to natural conditions. Local species will be most suited: altai, Bashir, Burundian, Kazakh (jab), Kushum, Tuvin, Yakutsky. It is also possible to consider the new Kyrgyz type, and they are placed in tabunas. Other suitable species - Khustanai, Minusian, Narim, Phob. Hakas.

Business plan, the formation of horses

To create a farm, there is a need for an accommodation adapted to cattle of 900 square metres and a walking range.

One horse requires a floor area of about 6 square metres (through feeds and liquor).

The horse must be strong enough and have good thermal insulation. To this end, fat walls must be built from samina or wood. There's also gonna be some partitions inside the stables that can be made from the brick. If you use a brick instead of wood and a samina, it's only a thermal insulation. The blood and ceiling must also be warmed so that animals can be comfortable in the room. Don't forget the fire safety, use the fireworks.

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